The SurroundPanner

The SurroundPanner is an external controller to control the surround functions of Sterinberg's Nuendo or Cubase.

Two versions are available. One for the Nuage small Workspace and one as a desktop device.

Easy connection via USB.

Effective protection against inadvertent adjustment of pannings by active switch

XY-deflection and diagonal deflection adjustable from 100% to Locked with one turn, to make more precise rides and significantly reduce post-processing.

Additional surround and 3D pan parameters adjustable via eight precise encoders.

Pickup and relative pan mode.

Zoom function: Here the complete joystick travel can be scaled down to two zoom levels, so that you can move even more precisely in any area of the room.

Curve mode: In this mode the movement of the joystick is driven logarithmically. E.g. the movement at the edge of the room becomes slower and faster towards the middle or vice versa.



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